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What Is The Use Of Melamine Wood Moulding?
Dec 29, 2016

What is the use of melamine wood moulding? 

The explanation for you:

1. The melamine wood moulding seals the junction of the wall with different way of edge-seal and edge-pressing for different materials.

2. The melamine wood moulding is used as wood molding line and closed-edge moulding of furniture and overcoating.

3. The melamine wood  moulding can also be used in sealing the junction edge in platfond, metope and cylindrical surface.

4. The melamine wood moulding can be used in the molding of platfond-plane.


The advantages of the wardrobe melamine moulding


The family bedroom is commonly equipped with beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobe, dresser and so on. Among them, the wardrobe is an essential one. In the modern society, the melamine wardrobe is a popular wardrobe style. However, some people say that melamine is harmful to our health. But why would it be so popular? The food containing melamine is a great harm to the human's health, but the melamine wardrobe is safe to people. What's more, the melamine moulding of wardrobe is a kind of very beautiful decorative material.

The function of the melamine moulding of wardrobe is decoration and beautification. For one thing, with decorating the melamine line of wardrobe , the wardrobe has a sense of layer. For anther thing, aesthetic function is very obvious, because the wardrobe itself has a variety of nice color configuration. Then adding the melamine wood line it will become more beautiful. 

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