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What Is Wood Moulding?
Dec 22, 2016

What is Wood Moulding?

Wood mouldings is mainly used for decoration. it is milled out with shape or pattern of slender wood.

 Location: the routine use of wood doors, around the above baseboard on-site production etc. with fixed layering sets of doors and windows and surrounding the periphery of the glass. Can be seen, wood mouldings are generally used in wood decorative edge angle and other non-wood decorative interface position, there is a line to make some shapes, commonly known as "plate line from the shape". These positions are so-called places which can be reflected in closing edge interface, good technology, decorative woodwork of the level of living is serious.

Common specification  of wood mouldings: Specification of wood mouldings is for 30*50mm, mainly refers to its length and width, which is usually used to make wooden keel suspended ceiling, some can also do some for internal structure. Wood mouldings' size is 60*90mm. Such specifications have some of the framework of the antique furniture, and rarely seen in the modern family. And there is specification of  120*40mm. Having such wood size can be called by the door jamb, doors on both sides of the post board, which is used to do the skeleton of the door.

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