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What Problems Should Be Noted When Choosing The Stair Handrails?
Dec 28, 2016

What problems should be noted when choosing the stair handrails?

The points are the followings:

1. Security is the top priority when choosing the stair handrails. And checking the iron staircase handrails grinding degree and smoothing problems which are the important ones.

2. And then, the disassembly of the stair railing is also important. Detachable stair railing is more flexible, convenient and significant.

3. Stair handrails need to be stay in fashion which means to fit in with the style of inside decoration. If the staircase railing and interior decoration style out of tune, it is certainly not looking good.

4. At last but not least, the after-sales service cannot be ignored. As we all know, customer service is more important, if we can do a great job in this field, a lot of problems can be saved. When you are purchasing, you must ask the exact warranty time. 

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