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What's Difference Between Natural Veneer And Engineering Veneer?
May 13, 2017

What is natural veneer?

Natural veneer belongs to natural wood. There is no artificial modification to the natural texture and color. The veneer comes from the nature logs. It has a natural and simple wood aroma, strong texture, and endless artistic charm. It can make you reach the acme of perfection, return to nature and enjoy the art of the original heart, with its special and irregular natural texture. 

Because of those features, not the general engineering veneer veneer (artificial veneer) can do this, which is one of the reasons why people like natural veneer. Many defects of natural veneer can not be repaired artificially, such as veneer’s surface mineral line, knot, slipknot, worm hole, white edge and so on, which are the unique characteristics of natural veneer, while engineering veneer veneer however can avoid all these defects. 




What is engineering vener?

Engineering veneer (artificial veneer) veneer, with ordinary wood (fast-growing wood) as raw materials, using the principle of bionics, through a performance of ordinary wood, fast-growing wood of various modified processing, is a new wooden decoration material with superior performance and an upgraded version of natural wood. Logs which is as raw materials, after a series of pattern design, dyeing, reconstruction, pest-treatment, high temperature and high pressure, turned into reconstruction veneer ( engineering veneer). 


After the treatment, engineering veneer gets a smooth surface and rich color, and it also can meet the requirements of different places of decoration and the texture preferences of furniture and door decoration manufacturers, and completes the transformation of the original wood’s defects such as discoloration and worm holes. 


Although engineering veneer (artificial veneer) veneer imitates natural veneer’s texture, but there are still some difference between them. The texture of engineering veneer is more rigid than natural veneer. So tt is easy to distinguish them by your eyes.

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