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What’s The Different Of Wrapping Veneer With Fleece And Kraft Paper Backing
Aug 29, 2017

Natural wood veneer now has the trends to be thinner. But some process is artificial leather, if it is a thick skin, not easy to operate, and increased the difficulty of the manual stick skin. The effect of the post is not so good. So natural thin skin occurs, but the too thin wood veneer without through special processing can result in wood veneer cracking and wrinkling. As a result, non-woven veneer and  paper wood veneer were developed. And they well solved a series of problems caused by too thin wood. So what exactly a non-woven wood veneer and paper wood veneer are? What's the connection and difference between them? 



1, Wrapping veneer with fleece backing: as the name, is in the back of the wood stick a layer of  fabric. The thin veneer back labeled with a thin layer of non-woven fabric. Due to the thin veneer with poor flexibility, pasting non-woven behind the natural wood veneer will increase wood veneer wood skin flexibility. Such wood veneer on the furniture or other things is not easy to crack! With the characteristics of strong wooden skin flexibility, non-woven fabric paste tightly, not wrinkle, both sides have no burrs, no deformation tensile, abrasion resistant, resistant to moisture etc. A wide variety of non-woven veneer, can be a natural wood or wood veneer of science and technology. The length of the wood veneer is above commonly 2.2 meters, natural wide.


2, Wrapping veneer with paper backing: is to put up a thin paper layer on the surface of wood. paper veneer has a fixed basic size, the length of 2.5 meters, the width of 600 mm, the thickness of 0.3 mm. paper wood veneer is generally wide. Two  paper wood veneer can stick a big board of 4 * 8 feet. The wood is suitable for wooden lines coated etc. 


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