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Wood And Beauty
Nov 23, 2016

Wood And Beauty

  • Wood or wood ingredients are all wood, wood is the raw material. From the palace, to tea utensils, shape and appearance is very important, but more important than the beauty of nature itself "material". Wood plays a great role in human life. According to the different characteristics of the wood, people use them in different ways, and they also play a decorative role.

  • Beech wood, are grown in China Southern, the North do not know this name, and called for South Beech. Although it is not a luxurious wood, but one of traditional furnitures in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially widely used in folk.

  • Chinese Walnut Wood resources rarely, the folk have a few chance to use it. Mostly was made the production of high-grade instruments and military supplies (such as buttstock), as the precious quality furniture material.

  • Burma Teak, bright teak oil, wood color uniform texture straight. From the point of view of teak has obvious texture Moxian (blood or muscle) and a linear distribution of oil slicks, Moxian, grease and oil fine, it stand for high quality.

  • Walnut wood is the world famous indoor decoration material, the walnut wood furniture of our country is the most famous of Shanxi producer, is called "Jin furniture "

  • Camphorwood  is a very good material for building and furniture, no deformation, resistance to insects. The folk mostly use the camphor carving Buddha.

  • Cedar trees are dignified, strong adaptability, strong wind resistance, resistance to dust, wood texture, fine hard, waterproof, for bridges, furniture timber, bark fibers ,artificial cotton and Rope

  • Wenge Wood distributed in subtropical regions of the world, mainly from Southeast Asia and South America. Because there is a similar "wings" texture name. Clear color, texture staggered, abrupt, in rosewood belongs to the beautiful wood, slight aroma, growth ring is Unobvious.

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