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Wood Carving Of The Bao-Jia System In The Qing Dynasty House Of Paper
Jan 25, 2016

Bao-Jia system began during the Song dynasty of Wang Anshi's reform of the military system, that is, "Shi Wu Qimin" "variable recruitment and tithing." Up to the Qing dynasty, Bao-Jia system became an important system arrangement of the Governments at the grass-roots community. Bao-Jia system in the Qing dynasty after the shape of their duties to three main categories: governance, security and taxes, security must take priority, the so-called "Bao-Jia system created to steal of Milton for Hong Kong people." To achieve the above functions, the Qing rulers adopted policies of successive series Qi min Yao Shu, generally grouped in decimal, each of these families based on the number, fabricated tithing roster. Its steps to: magistrate by the States "through word book" and "the ring book" two volumes and the number of paper to Yasumasa, orthogonal to the long, long House paper distributed to households, so that their account details recorded and posted on the door.

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